Karin  Gamez




Karin Gamez was born in Germany.


She worked many years for the Environmental Agency and for the

German Government as computer technician.

Since her childhood she loved drawing portraits and painting with

oil colours.

Her art includes abstract and more realistic paintings, but they all are a living part of herself. She was never content with what she had

just achieved.

Searching for forms of expression adequate to her own feeling of life,

she discovered the oil technique for her landscape paintings.

It was impossible for her to study full time at the Academy of Art,

instead she took part time painting courses and worked in the

computer branch.

The possibility of traveling enabled her to realise her artistic dreams.

Karin was a resident of Banff in Canada from 2004 to 2010.

Family reason let her move back to Germany.


She has sold her paintings nationally an internationally.