Jo  Gamez

José Gamez was born in Portugal.


He lived in Estoril until the age of 14 and finished his education in Switzerland.

His interest were humanities, skiing and photography.

Taking pictures of beautiful and unusual sceneries has always been his passion.

He worked in Switzerland for some years, before embarking on intensive traveling to Germany, Denmark, Italy, England and Spain. He moved to Canada in the ‘60's. It was his knowledge of 5 languages that helped him to work as an interpreter in Montreal.

In the summer of 1968 on a trip across Canada on CPR-passenger train to Vancouver he fell in love with Banff’s wild scenery and decided to stay for a couple days. But, Banff and the beautiful surrounding area, with colourful lakes, clean rivers, majestic mountains, the breathtaking view from the

Top of the World at Lake Louise captured him. His passion for skiing combined with interest on photography made this important decision to stay in Banff easy for him.

If there is any theme to his work, it's that he tends to photograph living things. Nature is beautiful and he likes to capture it in all her colours.

He has sold his photography’s nationally an internationally.


Carl Brenders in Banff